Liceu in Germania - Alexia Circianu

Colegiul National Fratii Buzesti Craiova

"I participated in a semester program in Germany for only about 5 months, but it felt like a lifetime. My experience was pretty much amazing, starting from the awesome guest families, to the many culture shocks, including school and the way of living.

I lived for the vast majority of the time in a house in Dortmund with a family with 3 kids and only for three weeks during Easter vacation at a family in Mauer with, again, 3 kids. And I can say as an only child that life was never dull with siblings. They were all amazing and I got to be really good friends with the guest sister that was my age, because we also went in the same class at school. As for culture shocks in the household and their way of living, the separation of the garbage was really important, as well as having dinner all together and talking about our day and doing LOTS of sports.

I can admit, at first school was a bit harder for me because my German wasn't that good and I couldn't really understand what was being talked about in class, but it got way easier with time. At least I was lucky enough that a really nice English-speaking girl was seating next to me and sometimes took the time to explain me what was going on during class at the beginning. I managed to make a few friends and we had a lot of fun during and outside of school.

Also the guest families took me on so many little trips and showed me certain popular attractions in the area and I thought that was really nice and helpful in getting to know Germany a bit better.

But now I really have to mention the biggest culture shock I have bumped in: the German school system. It can't even begin to compare to the one in Romania.
Firstly, at least in my experience, all the teachers are great, they really do their best to make you understand the subject, use all sorts of materials, do experiments and overall they make school really fun. Also, there is no judgement whatsoever between students, nor teachers and everyone is very kind. The schools are also very clean. There are a lot more free days, because of German tradition and also a lot more free time after school to focus on certain work or on yourself.
As an exchange student, I can say that the teachers were really nice to me. Some gave me 15 minutes more for tests because of the translation and answered all my questions after the class.
Overall, it was a beautiful and enlightening experience that gave me a clearer look on my future, provided me more time to focus on myself and changed me as a person.

Alexia a studiat la un liceu in Germania, Leibniz Gymnasium Dortmund International School in Dortmund.