Liceu in Anglia - Teodora Maria Ciubeica

Colegiul National Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu Buzau

"Teodora is an absolutely lovely young woman and a real pleasure to teach. She is kind and well-mannered and very well liked by fellow students. She is an extremely bright young woman and is coping great with learning a difficult subject like psychology in another language. She has been achieving very high grades in her assessments and it is clear she works hard with her studies outside of college. If she carries on like this I expect her to achieve a very respectable grade in the summer exams. She is a real credit to her family."

Profesorul de Psihologie al Teodorei

"Teodora is a hard-working and dedicated student and has completed all homework set this term. She consistently achieves high scores in her homework and was awarded a grade C in her first formal assessment and grade B in the next three, putting her near the top of the class. In AS Business the exam board requires that students not only have subject knowledge but also be able to apply that knowledge to case studies and recommend actions or provide analysis (similar to the way a business consultant might) and this requires a range of skills building on the knowledge, such as use of English, logical thinking and 'chains of analysis' (working through a set of ideas systematically to lead to a conclusion based on the evidence provided). Teodora has already demonstrated her abilities in these areas. As we move through the year emphasis will be placed on using the practice questions done in class and for homework to develop the skills the exam board needs, and I am confident that if Teodora continues at this level she will achieve a high grade in Business."

Profesorul de Business al Teodorei

"Teodora has consistently got 'A' grades in all her tests in Maths. She is an extremely concientious, hardworking and polite child. Her Maths ability is good and she ensures that she is always upto date in all her class work as well as homework. This helps her remain top of the class always. Just continuing the way she works now would be enough to guarantee an excellent grade in her final exams. An absolute pleasure to teach!"

Profesorul de Matematica al Teodorei

Teodora a studiat la un liceu in Anglia, Lincolnshire College in Lincolnshire.