Liceu in America - Fejer Szabolcs

Liceul Nagy Mozes Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna

"I'm doing OK, I like my host family, school is going great. I didn't have any challenges yet, just the weather. Always raining. English is going very well, just when I speak to somebody new, they always ask me where am I from. I ask back - How could you know, that I'm from another country? They said my accent is huge:)).

I like the program too, I've made a lots of friends, I even met a Hungarian family, they are really nice. I will send you a picture of the REI climbing in Seattle , with the outdoor club from our school. It was so cool!"

Fejer a studiat la un liceu in Statele Unite, Timberline High School in Olympia, Washington iar acum este Process Engineer la Procter & Gamble